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Annual Garter Ceremony at Windsor Castle, June 17, 2013

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my favorite pro gun rights argument is when people say they need guns to protect themselves from other people with guns

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Up Close: Wedding Dress 1841 (X)

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sometimes I remember this picture exists

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thomas jefferson?

more like thomas jeffersob

thomas jeffersofreakinghotwithhisredhairandhisfaceugh

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Up Close: Frock Coat c.1845 (X)

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no the bible didn’t mention us

not even once

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thomas jefferson  martha jefferson  


Grand Duke Nicholas with his aunt (and future sister-in-law) Elizabeth Feodorovna.

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russian monarchy  1890s  


Holocaust memorial in Berlin. Berlin is one of the most graffitied cities in the world, but I saw no graffiti on any of the stones in this memorial.

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